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HANSATON AQ HD S hearing system testimonial

Experience limitless freedom.


Sometimes, we only realize how important the little things are when they no longer function quite as well as they once did. That’s how it is with hearing. Hearing loss makes natural acoustic perception more difficult – which makes everyday life harder, too.


Wear what you like.

HANSATON hearing systems are characterized by sleek, curved design elements and a variety of color harmonies. Because here at HANSATON, we know: even though the people around you will hardly notice the little helper behind your ear, you need to love it at first sight. The AQ HD S is available in seven elegant color combinations – pick the one that suits you best.


Technology adapted perfectly to fit your life.

Life holds a variety of situations in store. And whether they are part of work or free time, every one of those situations is unique and valuable. Being there doesn't always mean actively participating. Hearing loss creates limitations. But cutting-edge HANSATON technology can help remedy the situation.

Thanks to AutoSurroundHD your hearing system can identify your current situation and gently adjust its settings accordingly. The system adapts voices and sounds perfectly to fit your life, giving you a brilliant 360° hearing experience.

Enjoy crystal-clear conversation.

Whether you're in a crowded restaurant or out shopping with friends in a loud department store, your hearing system will filter out disruptive background noise without you even having to push a button – so you can focus on your conversation partners and understand every word they say.

HANSATON AQ HD S hearing system testimonial

Experience musical masterpieces in all their rich, vibrant glory.

If you enjoy listening to music, or even making it yourself, brilliant sound is important. HANSATON has developed a music program especially for this particular acoustic situation, one that helps sounds and tones take on a whole new dimension of brilliance. Experience every musical masterpiece in all of its beauty once more.

HANSATON AQ HD S hearing system testimonial

Enjoy quiet moments to the fullest.

Whether you are at the office, enjoying a quieter moment at home, or picnicking at a secluded lake: whenever you find yourself in a quieter environment requiring less interaction, your hearing system will detect that stillness and present it in an acoustically harmonious way. Start enjoying quiet moments to the fullest again.

HANSATON AQ HD S hearing system testimonial

Escape from annoying background noise.

Better hearing is a good thing – but hearing everything at once can be bothersome. Your system will help you move through noisy environments more easily by detecting when things suddenly get louder, and reacting accordingly. Whether you're out shopping or standing in a packed train station, your hearing system will help filter out all that distracting ambient noise.

Function and form in perfect harmony.


HANSATON Comfort Charger

Comfort Charger

The Comfort Charger is a case, a charging station, and a drying station all in one. When used with the optionally available desiccant capsules, the Comfort Charger dries hearing systems while charging them.


Comfort Power Pack

The Comfort Power Pack charges on the go: The integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery can power up to seven charging cycles for a pair of hearing systems.

HANSATON Light Charger

Light Charger

The Light Charger is the perfect workplace solution. Stable and compact: Simply attach it to the Light Charger Base to give it a secure stand.

You can find out more about the HANSATON hearing instruments from your local hearing professionals or on the Internet at www.hansaton-usa.com